We have a few tips and requests:

  • Arrive early when coming for you first time, that way we can show you around.
  • Please come to class clean you may shower before class if needed. {One of the Niyamas in Yoga is Saucha cleanliness}
  • Please no talking in studio space, please be respectful of the quiet space. You may chat and visit with frinds in lobby or change rooms.
  • Booking your class online is a breeze through the Mindbody app or make a profile from our schedule tab.
  • Remove shoes when you arrive.
  • No latecomers are permitted, we lock the front door during class.
  • Studio is open 30 mins prior to class start time.
  • Let your teacher know if your working with an injury or limitation.
  • Bring a change of clothes and two towels for Hot Yoga one to shower with and one for your mat during class.
  • Drink plenty of water 2 hours prior to class.
  • Replenish your salts with an electrolite drink after class.
  • Have fun and respect your body {Ahimsa in yogic tradition means to do no harm}

Bambu Hot Yoga Studio Amenities

  •  Showers
  • Filtered water

  • Mat rentals

  • Towel rentals

  • Change rooms

  • ambient lighting

  • infrared heat