Kaila's path lead her to discover hot yoga as a way to calm the mind and nurture the physical body. Kaila took her YHot 200-Hour Teacher Training with Kristin Campbell and Coco Finaldi of The YYoga Teachers College. A transformative journey involving the study of physical, mental and spiritual alignment. Kaila then completed her 70hr Power Vinyasa training in 2013 with Kristin Campbell owner and director of Tapasya Yoga. And more recently studied under Noah Maze for her 50hr. Kaila loves to share her passion and knowledge when teaching alignment based hot yoga.

Kaila's calm and relaxed nature flows into her classes and teachings. She loves to inspire her students to believe in them selves, build inner and outer strength that conspires off the mat. Come as your are, come free up yourself!






Trisha has been teaching yoga since 2005. Within Canada, San Francisco and India she has studied a wide range of yoga methods - from Bikram to Iyengar, Viniyoga to Anusara. She has deep respect for all these teachings and the process of exploration required to find one's own practice.

She loves the hot practice for its meditative quality as well as the physical strength and flexibility it cultivates. Trisha's classes emphasize breath awareness, biomechanic alignment and connection with one's truest self. She invites students to approach each practice as an adventure into the unknown. 








Stacey Lockhart (Arseneau) has been practicing Yoga since 2003 and solely teaching  since 2009 holding experienced designation. She currently teaches in Nelson BC, since relocating from Vancouver.

Stacey has studied with Chris Richardson, Christine Clancy and Tracy Groshak in the Ashtanga and Vijnana traditions, completing additional trainings and mentorships in Vancouver. Along with Yoga, she teaches The Tensegrity Repair Series: a series of movements designed to bring balance and ease to the body’s kinetic trains. 

Stacey’s approach to teaching is informative, anatomical and non-dogmatic. She carries a thorough understanding of biomechanics, tailoring the practice to each student’s individual needs. Students will find her refined approach both challenging and fruitful.



Justine’s interest in a holistic lifestyle and seeing the body as a living, changing organism led her to be inspired and moved by the practice of yoga. Justine fell in love with the organic movement, connecting breath and self awareness in the yoga practice. These fundamental aspects of yoga continue to bring her to the mat to seek connection with the self. Justine completed her 70 hour Tapasya Hot Training with Kristin Campbell at Bambu Hot Yoga in 2015. Justine then deepened her practice by traveling to the Baja in Mexico to complete her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Christopher Perkins and Nicolina Sandstedt at Yandara Yoga Institute. Justine teaches students to connect with themselves and discover what rests within.



“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” –The Bhagavad Gita

Emma has an extensive background in dance and music. Drawn to yoga 20 years ago as a way to feel good in the body but soon realizing its an amazing journey and tool to aid you with all your lessons on and off your mat. Emma studied Esoteric Yoga with Morgan Arundel with Atman Yoga Federation for 7 years. 

Emma wanted to share her experiences and help others to connect with their deeper selves. She decided to do her 200hour teacher training with Karuna and Ally Bogard and the fire was lite,  passion for teaching was on. Later doing her YHot teacher training with Kristin Campbell. She is currently studying Tantra Yoga with Gloria Heiju Salo with Atman Yoga Federation. 

Emma Loves the introspective qualities of the Hot practice at Bambu and enjoys guiding her students with breath work, visualizations and musical tapestries. Honored to be apart of amazing peoples journey to the source.




Alexa practiced yoga very frequently in Revelstoke BC before she decided to take her 200hrYTT in Maui Paia Town, Hawaii. Her experience was breathtaking the island life, the people, its all so inspiring. The opportunity to grow among one another's knowledge was incredible. Alexa always hopes to grow in her own practice and teaching through local workshops and with amazing teachers! She brings  the sweetness of Hawaii to her classes.